Bisa Jadi Mood Booster, Ini 10 Quotes Inspiratif di K-Drama

Descendants of the Sun. (Foto: asianwiki.com)
Descendants of the Sun. (Foto: asianwiki.com)

Aegyo.id, Jakarta – K-Drama memang menjadi tontonan yang menarik minat banyak kalangan. Selain karena ketampanan dan kecantikan para pemainnya, jalan ceritanya yang menarik dan tak membosankan membuat K-Drama menarik untuk diikuti.

Tidak hanya itu, ternyata K-Drama juga menyelipkan quote-quote yang menyentuh para penontonya. Tak hanya tentang cinta, quote tentang persahabatan, keluarga, dan motivasi juga banyak terdapat dalah sebuah K-Drama.

Berikut 10 quotes K-Drama yang inspiratif versi Aegyo.id yang mungkin dapat membangkitkan semangatmu dan mengoabati luka hatimu.

I Need Romance 2

I Need Romance 2. (Foto: asianwiki.com)

“At that moment, we both realized that the opposite word for love isn’t hate or dislike. The opposite word for love is I loved you. It’s the past tense”.

It’s Okay, That’s Love

It’s Okay, That’s Love. (Foto: asianwiki.com)

“Love doesn’t mean giving something up for the other person. But it means to achieve something”.

You Who Come From The Star

You Who Come From The Star. (Foto: asianwiki.com)

“Should I teach you how not to be hurt by other people? Don’t give or accept anything. Don’t expect anything either”.

Emergency Couple

Emergency Couple. (Foto: asianwiki.com)

“Should I throw out and delete everything just because we broke up? I have no intention of removing good memories”.


Pinocchio. (Foto: asianwiki.com)

“Don’t be cautious anymore, start living your life the way you want to live”.

Reply 1988

Reply 1988. (Foto: asianwiki.com)

“There is no need to force the harsh truth onto a small bit of happiness – sometimes you need an illusion to be happy”.

Descendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun. (Foto: asianwiki.com)

“When facing a stronger force, it’s best to attack first”.


Triangle. (Foto: asianwiki.com)

“If you want to escape the lowest point in your life, try to love. Luck, like a jackpot, may come and find you”.

Moorim School

Moorim School. (Foto: asianwiki.com)

“In life, we learn more from failure than from success”.

Reply 1988

Reply 1988. (Foto: asianwiki.com)

“They say that God could not be in all places at once so He created mothers”.

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